EkoTantra Akademia lv

www: www.ecotantra-akademia.net
e-pasts: raphaellimnell@gmail.com
telefons: +358445054145
adrese: Vimonbölevägen 227, Fi 10600 Tammisaari, Tammisaari, Finland
darbības joma: meditāciju centrs

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EcoTantra Akademia The association is aiming at promoting Tantra in Finland as well as internationally, as a way of living including all areas of life, not only sexuality. We also want to connect people who share and practice Tantra. The ways to do this are: Taking initiatives promoting a tantric lifestyle and culture that is peaceful, tolerant, life and orgasm positive, ecologically sustainable and supports holistic wellbeing Providing information and lectures Planning and organizing workshops, education

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