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Tantra Training “SHAKTI Awakening - Open heart and Sacred Sexuality”

Tantra Training “SHAKTI Awakening - Open heart and Sacred...

Sākuma datums:
July 19, 2019
Beigu datums:
July 21, 2019
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
, Rīga, Latvia

Very soon in July this year we invite you for 3 full self exploration days - innocent, sacred feminine gathering to return home, to your inner love, heart wisdom and truth of your being.

An amazing guest lecturer Maya Devi (Russia) with a unique training course first time in Baltics  

She is  a Certified psychologist, leading women Dao practices, Osho meditations, individual consultations, family constellations, an author of several women healing courses including “School of Women’s Dao – path of Love”, Yoni healing theraphist, as well a passionate dancer who explores motion as a tool of Self Realization.  

Leading groups of Tantra – body awakening and Family genetic heritage healing, by that preparing our body and consciousness for the main part – awakening sacred sexuality and reaching deepest meditation states.  

Maya Devi is fragile and gentle from outside and enviably strong and powerful from inside, she dives into depths where others don’t dare to go – hidden depths of our Soul and Consciousness, healing and sharing her experience and ancient knowledge around the World for many years.

Maya Devi is full of joy, love and ecstatic flow, following the path of Tantra, executing her Higher potential and supporting others to connect with their Higher Self.

Insight of Empowered woman 3 days Tantra Training “SHAKTI Awakening - Open heart and Sacred Sexuality”

Nowadays it’s not accepted to talk about Spiritual practices, there’s a lack of information about our True Feminine nature, there’s a lack of comprehension of the worth and meening behind Feminine expressions, feelings, emotions. Many women suffer from lack of knowladge, and most probably – they have no clue of their true potential...

You may also have experienced a feeling of loss of vitality, health, creativity and inspiration. Perheps you have lost it such long time ago that you don’t even realize it was there. There is only the burden and responsibilities imposed by the society: the soul is in tears and seems that joy can be reached only trough beautiful novels, that helps to feel for a moment if it were there.

What is a woman when she lives in feminine energies? It is a woman-goddess who shines and radiates, just like the bees strive at the flower, other people are attracted to this woman. It does not necessarily mean that there must be some outward beauty, it is the beauty of the soul and unity of the spirit, that can be felt, it is the pure energy that even the strangers can feel, not only friends and acquaintances. Every cell of this woman's body expresses peace, stability, lighteness. It is so good to be with Her, can you imagine yourself being the one?

Luckily there are Tantra and Dao practices, ancient knowladges which has been survived and it clearly defines and clarifies those very important and life changing issues, gives experience which help us to re-connect with our true nature.

Shakti (शक्ति) from Sanskrit translated as – energy, abilities, power, water. Shakti has been associated with the unlimited creative force (creation principle) and infinite energy (component of everything). Tantra claims – Shakti is a Feminine principle of the whole Universe and all of us has a potential to connect with it!

They say there is an infinite amount of energy in the Universe and women’s body is like an antenna, so you could reach this energy and fulfill your material life with all you need, as well as – grow spiritually.  

When there are no blockages in our energetical body, the infinite energy start to flow troughout our body – energetical field becomes more powerful, we feel confidence, become sucsessful, wealthy, we attract attention, we become joyful, loving and radiant. THis energy flow can be even felt physically, sometimes experiencing even energetical body orgasms. Un what is important –Tantra emphasizes – that such a potential lies in every women!

Return to your initial state of Yourself! All together we will be here to support each other and feel the connection, feel that we are not alone in this World and that we have our comon, united Women consciousnes here on Earth.

This will be your OPERTUNITY together with Maya Devi (Russia) to DISCOVER:

- Secrets of Tantra and DAO about Women, energy and ancient women practices

- How to trully  trust, open and rely on World

- How to discover your orgasmic feminine essence within you

- How you can re-trust yourself and the man, how to build relationship with the World and people by staying rooted in your own truth

- How to connect with your body the intuition of your womb, your heart and consciousness, in order to live this life in the trinity of your harmonious feminine nature

- Explore the different facets of our amazing, sensual, raging, tender, passionate, strong and radiant feminine nature. Nature of Love


- Ancient woman Tantra practices  

- Woman dao practices  

- Dynamic meditation and shamanic breathing work

- Sacred woman ritual and initiation  

- Woman circle and deep sharing  

As a RESULT you will be able to:

- Get deeper understanding of Masculine, Feminine energy

- Discover feminine centres of power and streghten them

- Connect again deeply with the feminie flow of your life

- Feel deep love to yourself

- Restore your energy system

- Release your issue with relationships

- Release woman health problems

- Open the source of your sexual life force power

- Open meditative state of life

Training price for 3 days if you apply till:

- 15.05. 180EUR

- 15.06. 210EUR

- 15.07. 240EUR

- after 15.07. 280EUR

Prepayment 50EUR. Number of participants - limited!  

Event is held in russian language with latvian translation.

Event place - Riga.

19.07. 15:00 – 21:00

20.07. 9:00 – 21:00

21.07. 9:00 – 18:00

To apply centact: aija@egomane.lv  

More info:


We recommend  you wholeheartedly to take this rare oppertunity and join us, the teacher is trully wonderful and it’s gona be valuable for everyone!

Let's dance our unique Shakti dance together and dive deep in sacred feminine!  

Love myself. Love my Self.  



Tērbatas 33/35, Riga, Latvia

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