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Maya Devi is fragile and gentle from outside and enviably strong and powerful from inside, she dives into depths where others don’t dare to go – hidden depths of our Soul and Consciousness, healing and sharing her experience and ancient knowledge around the World for many years. Maya Devi is full of joy, love and ecstatic flow, following the path of Tantra, executing her Higher potential and supporting others to connect with their Higher Self. Certified psychologist, leading women Dao practices, Osho meditations, individual consultations, family constellations, an author of several women healing courses including “School of Women’s Dao – path of Love”, as well a passionate dancer who explores motion as a tool of Self Realization. Leading groups of Tantra – body awakening and Family genetic heritage healing, by that preparing our body and consciousness for the main part – awakening sacred sexuality and reaching deepest meditation states. Maya will share a precious secrets of discovering your inner Shiva, Shakti power and special ancient rituals, tools and Tantra practices for men and women.

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