Pasniedzējs Michael Ogorodņikovs lv

Misha Ogorodnikov and Zara is highly experienced yoga teachers. In their arsenal - Hatha, Raja yoga un yoga therapy. Misha and Zara - World travelers, yogis, founders of yoga school “Yoga House" (India) for 15 years already. "...It turns out that it is possible to enjoy your life only when you've reach this state of inner peace. In truth, this is exactly what Yoga unfolds. Yoga tells you; it is possible to live even when you're in the stress situations, and yet, with the state of inner happiness, peace, and these techniques which yoga is made of, is fully available. It is possible to practice and open up yourself to a completely new awareness levels." Misha is very careful, very precise and supportive, with a light and open style of teaching. But the most wonderful thing - he's able to support everyone to find the dialogue with our body (and mind), to begin to intercommunicate and understand yourself through this deep, inner dialogue. Misha’s classes are always MUCH MORE than a regular yoga class!

Atpakaļ uz Hatha-joga. Enerģijas avota atmodināšanai