Dzimtas nauda. Labklājība

We will deal with finances : We will work on programs stopping the flow of prosperity.

Family, kin is an important energy structure. Money comes to us in two ways - that we earn ourselves by our own efforts and that which comes to us as the honor of a kin, family.

At the seminar, we will explore our relationship with money, including the help of family arrangements. And we’ll figure out in which generation our cash flows were stuck. Why money is not constant and why you do not have enough energy to implement your projects and connect with your success. We will look at the concept of balance.

We will work with the causes of financial losses, discuss the laws of prosperity.

We will also reveal and even out limiting beliefs that come from your family or from loved ones or from your own traumatic experiences of the past (self-doubt, doubt about our own results, self-sabotage, not permission for material well-being). How guilt, shame and fear affect money and how to deal with it.

I will give you rituals to connect with prosperity, and meditation from kundalini yoga to attract well-being to the life.


Alyona Ramjeet Kaur