Pasniedzējs Zara lv

For several years, Zara has been exploring, practicing and sharing the wisdom of yoga and self-regulatory body practices. Everyone knows that yoga is not just healthy exercises, but a whole system of self-knowledge, internal and external world. This also explains the diversity of practices in her lessons, because there are different meanings for different purposes. In her program: - Visceral Yoga There are unique exercises included that affect the body's liquid environment and gastrointestinal organs, prevent somatic spasms and other standing pathogens, and stimulate the functioning of internal organs. -Hatha yoga This yoga treatment supports and repairs movement system disorders and strengthens all body systems. There is a special treatment for neck and shoulders. -Raja Yoga It’s a practice for the mind and psyche. And of course, in their masterclasses she touches several aspects of psychology, philosophy, astrology, Ayurveda and other systems of self-knowledge. Zara is a master of understanding the body inner processes and providing several well-known ancient self healing systems! Those who've met her, knows how effective it works!

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