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Tantra Retreat "Loving your Body"

Tantra Retreat "Loving your Body"

Sākuma datums:
April 27, 2019
Beigu datums:
April 28, 2019
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Cesu 8 , Riga, Latvia

Tantra says: Body is the Temple, body is sacred, all love starts from accepting & loving the body.

What would it be like if we felt a deep sense of reverence and love for our body, deep sense of Peace with it & Freedom from Shame?Regardless of how it looks, regardless of whether anyone else is looking?..

What would it be like if everything we do with the body, like fitness, making love, gym, yoga, getting dressed, would come out of deep reverence and love, rather than trying to fix, fit in, improve, etc.. What if our motivation for doing anything would come from Self Love rather than self hate?..

The journey will consist of two parts. - Saturday part 1: Healing work 13:00-20:00. All levels of experience welcome. - Sunday part 2: Celebrating and playing 13:00-20:00

Only for those who completed part 1 or experienced in Tantra or similar work. Contact: +37129440843 Irina Livija

Saturday 27/04 Healing schedule:

13:00 Opening circle

13:20 Energy Awakening Meditation

14:00 Limiting Beliefs Healing

15:00 Dearmoring Naughty Pelvis

16:00 Shame Deconditioning Practice

17:00 Creating Tantric Energy Field

18:00 Tantric Healing Ritual

20:00 Closing circle & SharingSunday

28/04 Celebration schedule:

13:00 Tantra Yoga (clothes optional *)

14:00 Opening circle

14:15 Body worship Meditation

15:30 Wishes Game

17:00 CACAO CEREMONY (100% pure from Latin America) and Tantric Ecstatic DANCE (clothes optional *)

18:00 Closing Ritual(* clothes optional- means you are welcome to wear as much or little to cover or uncover your body, as you wish :) )

Contribution: full weekend 80€ ( after & at the door)

Saturday only: 50€ Sunday only: 40€

Join us for an opportunity to deeply root our awareness on the love for the our temple, for our body..and to heal the imposed shame and self hate. Healing the shame concerning our body. Have you ever felt ashamed when naked? From ideas imposed by the media about how the body should look, to the “religious” beliefs that body is the sin.We will use tantric meditations and rituals, as well as yoga, dance and theatre to trigger the process of healing the judgements and to celebrate our bodies!

Проводники : / Our team:
@Atmo Chaitanya has been practising Tantra and meditation for the last 20 years. He is a graduate of John Hawkens Tantra training (The Path of Transformation) and explored the depths of Tantric healing with Alan Lowen, Ma Sarita, Hari Prem, Monique Darling and Ankur Peter. Atmo been sharing his experiences and fascilitating workshops for the last 3 years.
@Kirsty Yogini (London) has been practising yoga and meditation for 15 years. She graduated from John Hawkens Tantra school in 2017 and continues to expolore, learn and share the depths of Tantra. She is also a conscious dance and movement as therapy practitioner and qualified personal movement trainer. She is passionate about helping and inspiring others to discover and awaken to their own delightful energy and potential. She has studied with Yoga and Tantra adepts Godfrey Devereux and John Hawken.
@Irina Livija - is a holistic therapist & follower of masters of One Heart of All. Commuted to the path of heart, she has extended experience as participant and facilitator in many retreats & groups, women circles, bodywork & breathwork (accredited by Transpersonal Psychology Association), latin dance (more than 15 years). She is a member of EuroCoach team. She`s learned from & assisted teachers like Pema Gitama, Ma Sarita, HariPrem, Tanhit Ma, Peruquois, Blake Steele.. Livija's website:


Cesu - 8, otrais stāvs , Riga, Latvia

Our team

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