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Tantra: Healing with Pleasure Retreat

Tantra: Healing with Pleasure Retreat

Sākuma datums:
November 03, 2018
Beigu datums:
November 04, 2018
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Lampa, Cēsu 8. , Riga, Latvia

The cold weekend of November 3-4 we invite

You to heartwarming candlelit Lampa space that will turn for few days into a cosy Temple of Healing Pleasure. Tantra teaches, that pleasure is an intelligent guide, natural flow of energy, which brings us back to the wholeness, unity with all that is. 

Healing happens when we move from the pain of separation towards unity, connection, togetherness, wholeness..

In this workshop we invite you to explore the healing force of pleasure and blocks, beliefs preventing us to experience the power and delights of pleasure. We’ll work with our desires, fears and boundaries, to create a safe container, so we can relax and explore the Pleasure, as much as we willing in each moment. 

PROGRAM (all events in English with RUS/LV translation, if needed):

Saturday, 03/11:

11:00 - Yoga for Tuning into Pleasure 

11:40 - Opening, Connecting Ritual

12:00 - Desires, Fears, Boundaries

14:00 - Fruity juicy lunch lounge

15:00 - Creating and Imprinting Personal Mantra / Affirmation 

17:00 - Flower and Bees Ritual

19:00 - Light dinner & rest with Life sounds

20:00 - 22... Kashmiri Massage immersion

Sunday, 04/11:

10:00 - Yoga for tuning into Pleasure

11:00 - Connecting / Sharing circle

11:30 - Ying Yang Practice 1 part

13:30 - Tantric eating to open senses & trust 

14:30 - Ying Yang Practice 2 part

16:30 - Tantric Breathwork to break through blocks into High I

17:30 - Sliding Gliding Ritual / tantric heart massage

1900 - ... Sharing from the Heart Circle, Closing Ritual 

(Note: Retreat does not involve any religious teaching, and sexual intercourse. We hold atmosphere of respect, trust, playfulness.) 

Facilitators:Atmo Chaitanya (London) has been practising Tantra and meditation and conscious dance for the last 8 years. He is passionate about organising, assisting, co-creating and facilitating conscious dance, cacao and Tantra workshops, which help to heal, awake the vital Energy and to reconnect to the celebration of Life. He is deeply involved in the Tribal Heart shamanic trance dance community, 5rhythms and Ecstatic dance in London as well as Dancing tribe in Latvia and Tantric community in England and Czech Republic. 

Kirsty Yogini (London) has been practising yoga and mediation for 15 years. She has also explored in depth Tantra, conscious dance and movement as therapy in the last few years. She is passionate about helping and inspiring others to discover and awaken their own delightful energy bodies and potentials. She has studied with yoga and Tantra adepts Godfrey Devereux and John Hawken. 
Irina Livija ( ) is a holistic therapist, commited to the path of Heart. She facilitates private sessions, self-development groups, women circles, safe&sound healing, latin dance (more than 15 years). Accr. by Transp. Psychology Association, a member of EuroCoach team. She`s studied & assisted such tantra teachers as Pema Gitama, Ma Ananda Sarita, HariPrem, Tanhit Maa Kali, Blake Steele, Peruquois, .. 


* Early Bird - 69 eur (if paid till 10/10/2018 only)
* 79 eur (till 01/11/2018)
* 89 eur (at the door)
Couples: *150 eur for two ppl (you can come with a partner of any sex)

Price includes: All the program two days with guest teachers, fruity meals, teas, water. 
Possibility to stay overnight (in temple hall, esp.if you come from another town). If you prefer privacy: we can book you separate rooms with showers nearby (xtra price, contact pm)
Location: "LAMPA", Riga center, Cesu str.8, second door (code 1368), 2nd floor.

INFO & REG.: t. +37129440843 
(FB: < Irina Livija >)
We have limited nr. of group. So, to reserve your place asap, write pm on FB, <> or call pls.


Cesu - 8, otrais stāvs , Riga, Latvia

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