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Tantra Love with Blake Steele

Tantra Love with Blake Steele

Sākuma datums:
October 20, 2018
Beigu datums:
October 21, 2018
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Cēsu 8, otrajā stāva. , Riga, Latvia

Deep two-day group with the experienced, wise teacher!Blake Steele – master of Tantra of Love, poet, writer, healer - in Riga on 20-21.10.2018.About BLAKE STEELE (California / Sweden): more than 50 years experience of spiritual traditions. 

He is a Writer and Poet - author of 14 books and more than 3400 poems, as well as many recordings of his work, I-net resources, incl. for youth & kids. He has background in Christian Mysticism; Qigong; Zen; Pink Tantra; Reiki; Tantric Energy-Work and Massage. „Godfather" of old and famous tantra-festival ANGSBACKA, one of the founders of the center. He has given workshops and taught classes on Personal Freedom in America, Europe and Asia and has worked with the healing fusion of Sex and Spirit for 30 years.

Now the master is far beyond 70 years old, take your chance to receive transmission from the rare Human, full of Humor, Love, Vivid Wisdom ..
Some web-resources:
We will share:
Self-Empowering Personal Practices that Open and Protect You 
How to Realize the Treasure of Your Own and Other’s Real Being
Unconditional Love and Freedom
Clear Boundaries: Safety, Respect, and Freedom
Opening Blocked Self-Expression Through Powerful Energy Work
Shamanic Sound Healing Journey with Deep Breath-work
Organic Stretching To Release Deep Energy Blocks
De-armoring Yourself: Removing Blocks to Healing Pleasure 
Transforming Sexual Ecstasy to its Higher Purposes
Deep Holding Ritual to Heal Male/Female Conflicts 

Satsang with the master, Q & A all days (we call it Satsang, although Blake is very simple and modest, and does not consider himself a guru).

( Note: The group does not involve any religious teaching, and sexual intercourse. We hold atmosphere of respect, humor, trust.)
Saturday, October 20 from 14:30 - 20:00
Sunday, October 21 from 12:00 - 20:00

(The program in English l-ge with Rus. translation)

LOCATION: Jurmala, house 10 min.walk from the seaside and "Lielupe" station, or in Riga city centre "Lampa" hall, Cesu str.8 - depending on q-ty of participants. Please, apply in advance!
* 85 Eur (for the whole group (if paid before 07.10.)
* 105 Eur (after 07.10 till 19.10.)
* 111 Eur (at the door)

* Come with a friend (of any sex):
Couples - 160 Eur (till 07.10), 199 euros (after 07.10) for two
Deep immersion regarding our higher potential and vital, sexual energy, that we transform into unconditional Love, Light and Freedom. 
A group for those who want to meet with a real master, to adopt methods of healing soul traumas, and also tune into and, perhaps, practice further the path of love.

Info & booking: t. +37129440843
Number of places in the group is limited.
Reserve asap: pm FB <Irina Livija>, email <> or phone (371) 29440843.


Cesu - 8, otrais stāvs , Riga, Latvia

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