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Shamanic Dance and Music Festival

Shamanic Dance and Music Festival

Sākuma datums:
June 21, 2018
Beigu datums:
June 24, 2018
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Tomes pag., Umuri, Ķeguma nov, Latvia

It’s Time to Be!
To be ourselves, closer to Self. The closest. Dropping useless, illusionary. Leaving just what is true. With the joy of life. With the dance, song, with music of the heart. 
To be true, alive, shining in joy and love.
BŪTĪBA | Shamanic Dance and Music Festival is lively, joyful, healing, self-inquiry event happening during four days of Summer Saulstice. 
It is time for celebration, ceremonies, rituals and just being together with like minded, together with local and foreign sacred musicians, dancers, shamans and teachers.

Participation in our 2018 gathering have confirmed by following Teacher and musicians Rishi (Germany), Nayasha Silva (Peru), Petras (Lithuania), ININ (Latvia), Jānis Filks (Latvia), Agris Vanags, Premal Madina, Dana Indāne, Māris Žunda, Juris Bharganath Grave, Sandra Bārtniece, Vigo Račevskis, Charlie Vas, Nils Īle, Vija Moore, Paulina Logacheva, Ieva Berzina, Arvis Kantiševs...The list of Teachers and musicians is being enriched, come back to check again.

Together we will create a multi-layered space where each participant will find the most suitable vibration for himself. Larger ceremonies will mixed with special smaller group activities. The meditative state of being of peace and love in a beautiful nature surrounding will interact with the rituals of Trance dance and celebration of life. 
Each one of us will be able to celebrate his/her deepest, true and wild nature in the midst of the most beutiful and magical summer time.
We meet in for the third time in the forests of Latvia by the banks of beautiful river Daugava in Umuri, Ķegums to raise to higher hights and dive into deepest depths!
The festival includes the celebration of Summer Saulstice and rituals during Līgo night in our own special way which is different from traditional. It will be a call from the depths of our hearts to reunite with the Soul of Mother Earth – it’s quintessence!
Four fulfilled days where the forces of East, South, West and North are intertwined. Three nights filled with mistycal experiences. To honor Mother Earth, her power and support. In honor of her sacred union with Heaven, from which, we were created. In honor of our ancestors and their heritage. We celebrate in the prayer of dance and song for our Divine future. 
From the steppes of the Himalaya to the jungles of Guatemala, shamanism is a ritual belief system that has been practiced for over 27,000 years. Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life. Its teaching focus on our connection to nature and all of creation.
Since ancient times shamanic rituals have served to unite us with Mother Nature, Mother Earth and energies of healing, enlightening and spiritual nature.
The time has come to return to our Core, our Quintessence. The Shamanic path is powerful support to get to know oneSelf. Which is crucial to develop the bond with Mother Earth and all that is.
Dress Code..
Ethnic, Shamanic, Hippy, Līgo clothing, comfy enough to join dances and other practices. Swimming suits – our grounds will reach the river Daugava indulging us to swim at whim ;)
Exclusively delicious vegetarian meals will serve as one of our collective rituals three times a day. We invite you to bring your own vessels and utensils as we intend to avoid using disposable tableware. Extra snacks will not be accessible on the festival grounds - anything you cannot survive without should be brought along from the town. 
Recreation centres “Ievas Līcis” and “Umuri” are located by the river Daugava - the greatest and most beautiful river in Latvia, surrounded by pine trees who have seen passage of centuries in astonishing beauty of nature. Camping spot is included within the festival fee. Lodging in guest house – 45 EUR (check-in from June 21, 2 pm, check-out on June 24, 6pm).
Participation fee: 

EUR 99.- included all workshop, rituals and concerts. 

Family ticket (2adults, 2adults+1 child, 2adults+2 children) Eur 180.- 

Additionally on the day of the venue each participant needs to pay Eur 35 for meals. This price includes all festival meals for four days.
Contact information..
Phone: (+371) 27759979


+371 27759979
Cēsu ielā 8, 5 stāvs, Riga, Latvia

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