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Sākuma datums:
August 18, 2017
Beigu datums:
August 20, 2017
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Dance&Meditation centrs, Cēsu ielā 8., 5.stāvs, Riga, Latvia

Facilitator: Vairagya (from India)
(Vairagya's Bio - below)
This course will open the doors of personal health and well being, firstly in your own life, and then if so inclined, to help others who have lost their sense of direction in life and have fallen victims to ill health – emotionally, spiritually
The ordinary man lives on the horizontal plane. He has a rather routine life – bouncing between its polarities, waiting for death. He is riddled with discomfort, imbalance, and as a result is out of harmony. He wallows in discontent, illness, and disease on all the levels of his being – body, mind and spirit.
The second dimension of life – the vertical dimension – only becomes possible with the introduction of meditation and a higher state of awareness. This shift puts a person in contact with the divine energies of existence. As a result, life becomes more harmonious and healthy
It is in this second dimension – the vertical – that healing energies become available and become as natural as one’s own breath. This is the direction we will be moving in.
This course is beneficial for EVERYONE – doctors, teachers, housewives, parents, health care workers, body workers, and anyone else who wants to live a more abundant and balanced life. It will be especially helpful to de-stress, offering skills that will enhance your daily life
I PART of the course
Three main tools:
Resonance – a crystallization of your meditative energy
Radiance – the expansion of your love energy
Remembrance – being the witness while treating, with the knack of remaining centered, undistracted.
You will gain an understanding of the energy bodies:
– The Yin and Yang
– The Tantric ShivaShakti energy; dissolving the blockages for couples
– The chakra system and its circuitry
– Energetic exploration of the five elements
You will learn and experience how to begin from the body, discovering its mysterious energies through:
– Giving and receiving the deeply relaxing Vitality Balances
which strengthen the immune system
– Simple, profound and deep meditations to still the mind and open the heart
– Feeling your own and other people’s energy centers
– Rachan(releasing) with chetana(consciousness) – letting go of stale energy and stuck emotions in the body, mind, spirit.
PART II (next seminar)
Tantra transformation
The focus of this second part of the training is to bring you to a point where you can easily practice healing and gain proficiency in the AyurEnergetics Vertical Consciousness healing treatment techniques. It involves less theory and more practice.
You will be guided through methods to:
– Open your body, mind and spirit to energy fields
– Unveil your innate sensitivity to energy
– Touch the depths of meditation
– Go deeper into Ranchan (release) work
– Give and receive new balances
– To recharge and reconnect the electric body centers
You will be working with all the causes of illness which originate in blockages in the body, mind and emotions, utilizing various methods of releasing these stuck emotions. Other balances will help to strengthen the immune system and open up your pranic fields.
Vairagya has worked and lived in many places around the world. Vairagya's treatments skills and knowledges have been appreciated even by the royal family, for whom he have worked a lot of time.
Vairagya has facilitating courses around the world: USA, Australia, Taiwan, India, Spain, etc.These courses have included spiritual energy fields; Yin-Yang; Hara balance; inborn sensitivity, and sensing the energy fields of others, etc.
His courses about energetic healing and massage are very popular. Participants learn really valuable material about the wisdom and healing of ancient India, and they also learn about the effective techniques of energetic treatment developed by Vairagya.
Cost: Eur 170.-
Information and registration: , +371 27759979


+371 27759979
Cēsu ielā 8, 5 stāvs, Riga, Latvia

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