Esoteric Festival "Destiny's Gift"

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I International  Esoteric Festival"Destiny's Gift"

I International Esoteric Festival"Destiny's Gift"

Sākuma datums:
September 19, 2015
Beigu datums:
September 20, 2015
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Grostonas 6b (Olimpiskais Sporta Centrs), Rīga, Latvia

I International  Esoteric Festival
"Destiny's Gift"
Olympic Sports Centre
Grostonas 6b, Riga, Latvia
19-20 September 2015

For the first time in Riga will host an international festival of esoteric and self-knowledge.

The purpose of the festival - an association of people who want to self-knowledge, personal development, attainment of harmony, healthy lifestyle.

Esoteric knowledge is in every culture, and for many centuries they were carefully guarded, secret knowledge were available to a limited circle of people. Now we live in the information age - the Age of Aquarius. And many secret knowledge open to more people, which speaks about the transition of mankind to a higher spiritual level.

The festival program:   

  •     Esoteric and natural products exhibition (literature, stones, oil, charms, etc.).
  •     Presentation of the various esoteric schools, personality development centers, sports and creative studios
  •     Master classes and seminars on the esoteric, psychology and healthy lifestyle topics
  •     Show program on the festival's main stage
  •     Health diagnostics, beauty and health procedure
  •     An extensive children's program with active games, creative workshops and educational workshops.
Each visitor will find here important information about the spiritual, psychological and physical development, creative self-expression, finding love, a successful career creation, a healthy way of life, a successful family problems resolution, the formation of a harmonious world around them.Entrance for visitors - from 5 EURStudents, pensioners, people with special needs - from EUR 3

Children under 18 - free of charge


+ 371 252 111 85
Rīga, Latvia

Our team

Viktorija Korņejeva