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Journey to India. Palm leaves and mystical saints

Journey to India. Palm leaves and mystical saints

Sākuma datums:
April 28, 2014
Beigu datums:
May 09, 2014
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
, , India

There are a lot of written evidences of people who live hundreds or even thousands of years, who can materialize objects or dematerialize themselves, move objects by the power of thoughts and influence consciousness of others. This time we will visit exactly these kind of people and will search for legendary Palm leaves.

29.04. Arriving in Delhi. Searching your Palm leaf in Agastya Mahashiva Naadi center.

30.04. Agastya Palm leaf readings. Delhi excursions.

1.05. Agastya Palm leaf readings. Delhi excursions.

2.05. Going to Rishikesh on private minibus (230km/5h). Exploring the town. Ganesha homa/Fire ritual for removing obstacles. 

3.05. Going to Haridvar (30km). Meeting Doodhadhari Baba. Ganga aartri/Fire ritual on the banks of Ganges river.

4.05. Visiting astrologer in Rishikesh (optional). Lakshmi homa/Fire ritual for well-being.

5.05. Going to Delhi on private minibus (230km/5h).

6.05. Flight to Vārānasī. Ganga aartri/Fire ritual on the banks of Ganges river observed from the boats.

7.05. Visiting Devraha Hansa Baba (70km/2h).  All day spent in his company. 

8.05. Flight to Delhi. Relax and shopping.

9.05. Flying home.

Palm leaves

So-called Palm leaves is subsidiary of Vedic astrology known also known as Naadi Jyotisha. It’s an ancient vedic astrology technique used more than 5000 years ago. Based on that Rshi or saints wrote down horoscopes for their students and disciples. So they could get the message from their teacher when the appropriate time comes. Unfortunately there are less than 5% of originally written palm leaves existing till nowadays. And there are a lot of fakes as well.

Agastya Palm leaves

Agastya Palm leaves are written by Rshi Agastya and can be found written on palm tree leaves. These are one the most popular ones and the “palm leaves” name itself comes from here. Every 500 years they are rewritten on the new leaves and kept in the library till the appropriate moment. Ones palm leave is found by his/her thumb print. These “palm leaves” are divided in 12 basic chapters based on vedic astrology e.g. money, siblings, relationship, profession etc. There are also additional chapters including information about previous lives, mantras, means of consciousness transformation etc.

Devraha Hansa Baba

Back in 1990. Devhara Baba, who’s been seen even in 11th century, left his body. After that his closest disciple Hansa Das experienced metamorphoses in his body and also others observed that Hansa Das behaves as their beloved Teacher Devraha Baba. Even his gait has changed. Devraha Baba overtook his disciples body and ensured his soul the liberation.
We will spend the whole day in his holy company. 

Doodhadhari Baba

He is Brahmarshi Barfaani disciple, who back in 1930-s rejuvenated his body by Kaayakalpa knowledge. Doodhadhari Baba has gained his power by taking milk as his only food. There are plenty of ashrams dedicated to Doodhadhari Baba. He used to be highly successful neurosurgeon in his younger days, but now he is one of the rare saints who is putting all his efforts in combining ancient vedic knowledges and modern trends. There are plenty of legends and stories about Doodhadhari Baba where he had proved his divine perfection and spiritual powers. 

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