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Interview with Hariprem (Part 1)

Interview with Hariprem (Part 1) by Dana Indāne

Riga, 31.05.2012


Revolution of Awakening

Dana:  From Tantra perspective – how would you comment the Transformative Events of Year 2012 and December 21? Many people have heard about it, but probably not everybody really knows what is going on. What is your comment from your own or Tantric point of view?

Hariprem: For most people it is clear that we live in a time of crisis, and for different people it shows in different ways – for some people it is an economical crises, a personal crises with their career or relationship, and this is all manifestation of a deeper crisis which has much more to do with the soul of humanity. And not so many people look at it. People nowadays have lost contact with their soul and this is a very deep crisis. This means that people are trying to solve the problems on the Earth, but do not look at the source of the problem which is  that contact with the soul is lost.

And one issue is very importatant – that is how men and women relate. Because man and woman relate now not from the heart, they relate from their ego; that means they create a lot of suffering, a lot of pain. Because ego means: you do not want to melt with the other. The man does not want to melt with the woman, the woman does not want to melt with the man. So there is never a meeting in the heart. And I talk about global perspective. Of course, there are some exceptions, but 99 percent of people are suffering here – their ego has become so strong -  that means they have educated their mind, gone with their own ambitions, with their own desires in life, and they just look what they need and what they want, rather than looking what they can share and what they can give to the other. So everybody becomes egoistic.

This is a spiritual crises. And this has consequences on energy level, on economy level, even ecology level. Because we do not see that the Earth is our Mother, we are just exploiting, we are raping our Mother. It is because we do not feel we are in unity with our Mother. We feel ourselves separate, our own interest is more important than the interest of the whole.  And this egoistic attitude, that everybody is suffering from now, this is maybe the deepest crisis that the humanity has ever faced. And the beauty of crisis is that it creates so much suffering and so much insecurity, that people almost need to wake up. It is a push for people to wake up and connect again with their soul and with the idea why they came to this plannet. They have completely forgotten they came here to learn about Love. They came here to share about Love. And they all ended up with their egoistic motives. Countries are against countries, men are against women, women against men, political parties fight and everybody is just fighting, running for their own motives rather than looking that we are all brothers and sisters, and we are all belonging to one Ocean of Love.

So about 2012, this is a year where all these issues become so manifest and so strikingly painful that at least some people will start to look at the source of the problem, which is connection with the soul. So this is the good news, that there will be a spritual revolution coming, which is very much needed also. The course of events has pushed humanity in such a tension and stress, that the only way out is to connect again with Love. Whether the ego wants it or not. The ego will die in Love. The beauty of Love is that the ego can not survive and suddenly you start to see that „I have to give up my personal motives, because I am here to serve Love”.  And when people awaken to that truth, it is like a fire, like a wildfire spreading – when one person wakes up, he starts to radiate the fire, and it starts to touch other people. And this is 2012 - this is what is happening. It is a big turning point. Humanity turns back to the heart.

And whether on the 21st December something special will happen, it is not important. This shifting consciousness, this is important. That we move again in the Heart, that we connect again with Love, and with the purpose of our Soul. It is an individual responsibility; it is not something that United Nations can declare, it is an individual responsibility, that people individualy start waking up to a more beautiful life, living more truthfully and authentically. Connected with their individual life purpose.

Dana: Thank You. I think I got all the answers at once (both are laughing)!

Hariprem: It just came through me… So, hello, my name is Hariprem. How are you? (laughing).

Dana: It actually feels as if the revolution has started already. The shift.

Hariprem: The shift has started already, always and always. It started when Jesus was here and Buddha was here, revolution is always there. It is just that there have been only very few people in there; now more and more people will join that revolution. It is a spiritual awakening. It has always been here, but we have ignored it for thousands of years, and now we can not ignore it anymore because it is our only hope for survival. We have messed up this planet so much, and we have messed up our soul, we have wounded our soul so much, that now the only hope is to join that revolution of Awakening. (Hariprem laughs kindly).

Dana: Many people feel they need to change something, but they are not educated in that way(spiritually), they do not know anything. And when there is a need, there comes an offer too. Right now in Latvia there are a lot of invitations for people to attend different spiritual practices and groups, and in some cases people get cheated, the so called „teachers” or „spiritual leaders” simply use people who trust and seek for shelter or help. What is your suggestion – how can one feel and recognize which practices leads to the truth and which is just a trick for earning money? It can be quite confusing, especially for the beginners of spiritual path to chose the right practices.

Hariprem: This is maybe the greatest challange now, because in the past sprituallity was always offerd by organisations and big leaders. These days are over; now we know, that they have been abusing their power in the history. You can see so many examples – maybe only one authentic master like Jesus has been there and then he was followed by 2000 years of church domination, which was more like political organization than that it would offer a spritual guidance to people. So now this is maybe the first time when it happens that it becomes an individual responsibility. You need to find your own intelligence , whether you can trust another person to guide you. Basically you guide yourself! Every single human being on this planet needs to wake up to that responsility, that he or she need to guide themselves. We do not look anymore for guidance from somewhere else. And this is New Age movement – it is just looking for the guidance from the stars in astrology, or messages from Sirius and Pleiads, and from so many Angels, or many Gods, Ganesha, and Shiva and I do not know what – so many ascended masters.  A whole spiritual fantasy world is been created and people still do not look where they should look – in their heart. In our hearts we have wisdom, in our hearts we have Love, everything you need to find is already given to You. But we are so used to ask it from somebody else. Whether this person is alive, or in the sky, or in the fantasy world, we are so used, because we have lost respect for ourselves. We do not respect our inner wisdom. All our teachers, priests, politicians give us the feeling that we are so stupid, and we have to listen to the others. This has to change. Everybody is so intelligent, everybody knows exactly what is right for him or her. But we need to trust that intuition, that inner feeling. And then abuse can not happen anymore. Because everybody takes his own responsibility.

In the past people have given away their self-respect to the church, or to the organizations, big leaders and in the end they were just cheated, but it worked because they did not take the responsibility from the very beginning.

Dana:  And what about parents? It is more easy to understand that I am responsible for myself and I will not give the responsibility to the politicians or organizations. But often it is tricky in relationship with parents, because as children we trust them and take our parents as a model. And when we are adults we start seeing we have got stuck  in this model and we want to get out. And it is confusing – the love towards parents and a wish to escape. It seems like a contradiction to me.

Hariprem: It is not really a contradiction. It is a big disease. The relationship between parents and children is very sick. Parents are not happy and still they put their lifestyle on their children. They know very well that their life style does not work for them and still they impose it on their children. This is very sick . So, the parents have to wake up. They should not interfere, the child is born with wisdom, the child is born with love, the child is born with connection with universe. And what we do – we are in such a hurry to destroy the child, the purity of the child, the energy of the child. This has to stop. And what we call love between children and parents is not at all true – go and look into the therapy rooms, everybody is hating and killing their parents – father and mother. Deep down there is no love. This is just a very thin layer of politeness, so called love, but it is not love. Because parents have destroyed our souls, and we know it very well. So, how you can love people, who destroy you? It is not possible.

Dana: It is possible to forgive.

Hariprem: That is another story. The moment you see it, you have two choices – either you become bitter and your life ends up in a very negative state, or you say „I want to come out!” and you start to meditate to find the connection with  your soul back, and you can undo the damage that your parents and the society have done to you. You can start to meditate and clean that mind, clean that energy, clean your soul again. So you come back to your purity. That is possible, you have two choices, or you stay in the misery or you see you do not want to do this and you start to change your life to celebration. It is possible!

Dana: Again comes a question – if naturally we are pure souls, how does it come there exists such a mechanism of a child turning into a violent parent?

Hariprem: Because we are unconscous.

Dana: Why we are unconscious? How the pollution can exist?

Hariprem: It is a big question.. (both laughing) Yes, it is bit like a chicken and the egg. Every parent is born from parents who have destroyed him or her. And it goes on and on. And you can ask where did it start, but it is more like a philosophical question. You see it happens, so you need to be very practical. It has happened from generation to generation. We have passed on our diseases, our unconscousness, from one generation to the next. And now in 2012 it is time to see it and come out. Not to philosophize where it all started, this is abstract question. You need to be practical. Come to an action -  What can we do for it? That is more practical and makes more sense.

Dana: Tantra is an ancient wisdom. Does it combine theory with practice or is it only a practical path?

Harprem: Of course there is a vision behind that all. We have practices that are embedded in a big vision. The vision is that we are Divine beings. We are not human beings struggling for survival; essentially we are Gods and Goddesses, we can meet in a sacred energy. We have completely lost it because everything is ruled by materialism and money. Money is the god. Humans are no more Gods and Goddesses, but only money is the god. So we have completely forgotten that actually there is only one god and He is hiding  in our Heart. All the others are only a fiction, fantasies, wether you call it Money or Jehova or Beelzebub, it does not matter. There is only one God: You are a a Divine being and Your partner is a Divine being. And then you can meet in a sacred dimension. And then this planet can become a paradise.

This is a Vision, and there is a dimension that opens through this vision. And in this dimension Tantra practice happens. You meet with meditation, you meet with sensitivity, you meet with playfulness, you meet with love and celebration. And it is available for everybody, it is very natural. If we simply have the courage to erase whatever we have learned so far about relating, communication, love, and the theology that there is a god in the sky. We have to erase it all.

Dana: This courage is important, we have been growing and in this process we have created  a luggage that we try to cope with and for leaving it all, a courage is needed.

Hariprem: But it is actually a heavy luggage. So you would feel so light, if you drop it in the ocean! (Hariprem smiles). You could start to fly! But you get so used to that luggage that you feel almost like something missing if that luggage of misery is no more there. (he laughs)

Dana: So how to do that?

Hariprem: You only have to go inside. You only have to change your way of looking from looking outwards to looking inwards. Within ourselves there is a whole universe and we never look there. And the education, and the parents, and the schools – nobody tells us to look inside. When you do that, they say „Come on, do something useful! Looking inside is not useful…” But actually it is very amazing and revealing. Because you start to discover that you are a Divine being, that you are full of Love. And if you just look outwards, you remain a beggar looking for love somewhere where it does not exist. So we have to turn inwards.

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